Kathleen lives in New York City and loves to sing songs, especially in shows with her friends. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and watermelon, but not to eat at the same time because that would be gross! She brushes her teeth three times a day, and she likes to read fairytale books and make up stories.


Jon Bander has a habit of staring into space and laughing to himself at something no one else will understand. That's just his way. He loves eggs more than any other food and will eat breakfast at all times if available. Jon loves to play pretend at comedy shows all around New York City. During these shows he will play an old Southern lawyer with suspenders if at all possible. Jon has three nephews who he loves the most.


Jeremy loves roller skating, board games, and any book with a wizard in it. His mom is a librarian, so he always has a book in his bag that he's reading (right now it's Conan the Barbarian). Jeremy lives in New York City and likes going to museums he hasn't been to yet. He is an editor at a comic book company, and works on comic books starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. He also performs improv, and sometimes makes up songs while making breakfast.


Nikita makes movies and plays pretend for a living. He is a very serious Mr. Producer as this photo attests. He loves singing and musicals and drawing and dancing. When he was a kid, he loved watching Darkwing Ducks and Duck Tales and his favorite character was Donald Duck. Why did he love Ducks so much? He doesn't know. Nikita produces directs edits puppets and does a whole lot of other jobs in the

LESLIE COLLINS (creator, director & producer)

Leslie enjoys eating chicken fingers and french fries, riding her bicycle around her neighborhood and cuddling with her dog named Hugo. She has excellent table manners and always says "please" and "thank you."


Jamie was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where he rooted for the Cardinals baseball team. Then he moved into a tent in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he hiked, whitewater rafted, and rode a snowboard. Now he lives in Harlem in New York City, where he runs in Central Park, bikes along the Hudson River, and cooks with his wife. They have a kitty named Mina. He is an actor and teacher. He still roots for the Cardinals.


Mick likes playing basketball, eating tortilla chips with salsa, singing Frozen songs in public till people say "For the sake of all that's good on this earth could you please stop singing!??!!" and hanging out with his friends and family. He eats a lot of fiber which can get dicey. He likes being silly and goofy but tries to be nice to everyone. Even cranky people and grumpy old farts (Because he likes it when people are nice to him). He likes cheese because he is from Wisconsin but he lives in Brooklyn. Mick loves to perform and act and hopes one day he will learn how to ride a bike. He is very happy to be a part of Galloping Gallot!!!!


Melissa Gordon loves eating cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, taking long walks in the park, and hanging out with her rabbit, Jefferson. Melissa likes to watch cartoons while drinking hot chocolate. She lives in NYC and writes, performs, and even teaches kids at an after school program. Melissa enjoys life because life is fun!


Michael is a comedian who lives in New York City. He loves making people laugh, learning about history, and eating pot roast.


Here's a couple of things you need to know about Oscar: he loves to play video games. His favorite Pokemon is Wooper. He is obsessed with dinosaurs. His favorite color is teal. Growing up, he wanted to be the President of the United States. His favorite food is scrambled eggs. His favorite place in the whole wide world is a library. Oscar loves numbers that are divisible by 4. He is scared of whales. He also is the biggest kid you'll ever meet.


Annie lives in Brooklyn, New York with her best friend and two kitty-cats, Buddy and Lulu. She can see the Statue of Liberty from the park in her neighborhood! She draws lots of pictures, loves to make up songs and eat veggie tacos. Annie reads books and makes art with kids every day. She likes to imagine magical worlds where animals talk, dance and eat pizza!


Jessica has been a cat for 6 halloweens in a row! She grew up on a farm in Missouri that has chickens and cows. Jessica now lives in New York City and she has a favorite key chain that is a blue pig called Archibald. Jessica is an actor and her favorite character that she has played on stage was Lucy from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.


Olivia lives in an apartment building in New York City and she loves to check the mailbox. Her favorite thing to do is swim in the ocean and once she went to a special beach where she got to climb down a ladder and a rope into the water, just like a pirate! She likes to make up dances, drink green juice made out of vegetables (it's yummy!), and she especially loves to read books. She is married to a man named Rich and he is almost as tall as a giant! They have a dog named Walter who looks just like a teddy bear, but he's definitely a dog. Olivia is an actor, and she gets to play pretend all day long.


Ali is a young lady from Louisville, KY. That's where Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Louisville Sluggers Bats, and the greatest boxer of all-time Muhammed Ali are from- too! Ali loves to swim and travel to far away lands. She's hoping that one day she'll be able to say,


Dan makes music and does computer stuff in Brooklyn, New York. He likes tacos, video games, comfortable shoes and performing in comedy shows.


Pat Shay has a name so short that everyone says his first and last name together! He lives in New York City where he raises two monsters, one who thinks he's a train and another who just makes strange yelping noises and drools a lot. He teaches improv to parents and kids at the same time to help them communicate. He once got paid to ride a bobsled down a flight of stairs!


Robin puts all of the sounds together and runs his own sound recording studio called Silver Sound. www.silversound.us


Frank makes music for Bedtime Stories


Ashley enjoys riding bikes, watching movies and playing with her cats, Shug and Beast. She loves walking around New York City (her home) listening to music and taking in the sights. She also loves spending time with her husband, Nate, who makes the best hamburgers in the world! Ashley is an actress and singer who loves dancing, making silly faces and joking around with her friends on stage. She also loves nail polish, breakfast for dinner and eating gummi worms.