Story by: Jeff Lepine
Narrated by: Jeff Lepine & Juliet Lepine
Directed By: Leslie Collins
Original Music by: Frank Spitznagel
Produced by: Leslie Collins & Nikita Burdein


Juliet: Kathleen Armenti
Edward the Dragon: Jon Bander
Mom: Melissa Gordon
Dad: Pat Shay
Grammatical Question Team: Jeremy Bent & Oscar Montoya
Bat: Annie Moor
Doe: Olivia Petzy
Bird: Ali Reed
Daddy Long Leg: Roman Pietrs


Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Mixer: Luke Allen
Sound Designer, Mixer: Leslie Collins
Recording Engineer: Claudio Santos
Recording Engineer: Cory Choy
Recording Assistant: Reed Adler

Many thanks to Silver Sound Studios, Dan Reitz (opening music), Colin Brunnen (additional vocals) and all of our Bedtime Stories donors.

Edward the Baby Dragon

By Jeff Lepine (and Juliet Lepine)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named Juliet.  Juliet was scared of the dark.  She didn’t like the dark at all. When it was dark at night, she became afraid.  Her parents didn’t know what to do because it gets dark at night.  So her dad and her mom told her, “Juliet, it’s OK.  You don’t have to be afraid of the dark because we got you a present.”

Juliet didn’t know what the present could be.  What could it be?  She thought, “Maybe it is a box?  No. Maybe it is a gallon of milk?  No.  Maybe it is a balloon?  No.  Maybe it is a bath full of soapy water?  No.”  Juliet opened the box and she saw that her parents had gotten her a baby dragon.  They got Juliet a baby dragon, a very special baby dragon.  His name was Edward the Baby Dragon and he glowed in the dark!   When the lights turn off, Edward lights up like a lightning bug.

So that night Juliet’s mommy and daddy said, “Goodnight Juliet” and they turned off her bedroom lights and in the corner Edward the Baby Dragon glowed in the dark.   Edward lit up the room so beautifully!

Juliet wasn’t afraid of the dark now that Edward was always with her at night.  In fact, Juliet would go out at night all the time (with her parent’s permission) with Edward and she’d walk in the forest.  Edward made it so bright outside because he could glow in the dark and Juliet could see everything.  She said “hello” to the animals of the forest.  She’d look all around the woods and she’d see deer, bats, birds and lizards at night.  Daddy long legs too!  Juliet could even touch them because she could see them in the dark!  She made friends with all of the animals in the forest and it was all because of Edward the Baby Dragon.

She loved Edward the Baby Dragon vey much.  Edward meant so much to her but one day Edward said, “Juliet I have to go.  I have to leave.”  “Oh no!” said Juliet. “Why do you have to leave Edward?”

You see, Edward the Baby Dragon was much bigger now. He could barely stand up straight in Juliet’s bedroom because he was so tall.  He was now grown up Edward the Dragon and he said, “I have to go to school.” “Oh” said Juliet, “I go to school too. That makes sense.  You have to go to dragon school.  I understand.”
Edward the Dragon gave Juliet a kiss goodbye, a big dragon kiss because they were best friends.  He said, “Goodbye Juliet” and flew away to dragon school.

That night Juliet’s mom and dad put Juliet in bed and turned off the lights but Juliet wasn’t scared anymore because she knew that there was nothing to be afraid of.  She knew that if she walked in the woods again, she’d think of her best friend Edward the Dragon.  That night (with her parent’s permission), do you know what Juliet did?  She walked in the forest and saw daddy long legs, deer, birds, lizards and bats!  She wasn’t scared of any of them because she knew that they would keep her safe in the dark, just like Edward did.  She knew there was nothing to be afraid of.  Edward had taught her to never be afraid of the dark.  Juliet was a big strong girl now and she could do anything she wanted all by herself.