The Island Kingdom of Scumption

A Princess travels around the kingdom to meet a knight that will sweep her off of her feet. She meets the White Knight and the Black Knight but does she find love?

The Pet

Rufus, a pet cat, goes on an adventure into the big city when the backyard gate is left open. Will Rufus return home to his little boy that loves him very much?

Monkey Puppy

Gracie the monkey and Vadie the puppy become friends, go swimming and decide that they might be better off if they switch jobs at the banana factory and the doggy bone store.

Gallopin’ Galloot

A sarsparilla loving cowboy named Gallopin' Galloot fights off a really bad guy named Bad Bart who challenges him to a duel at high noon.

Mean Maude and Nasty Nellie

Two sisters who are always fighting try to make a birthday cake for their father's birthday. Can they make a cake without a knock down brawl or does their fairy godmother have to help the girls make a cake peacefully?

Edward the Baby Dragon

A little girl named Juliet finds the help of a magical glow in the dark dragon named Edward who helps her overcome her fear of the dark.