My father has a gift, the gift of storytelling. He can tell incredibly funny and imaginative bedtime stories on the spot. When I was a little girl, Dad would tuck me into bed, make up a bedtime story and take me away to a magical land far, far away. His stories were always goofy, silly and filled with adventure. I loved it. I still do. What both of my parents did for me was give me the gift of my imagination, which in turn… made me the person I am today. My father and mother planted the seeds of creativity by taking the time to sit down and make up a magical story for me.

I created Bedtime Stories to keep that storytelling tradition alive. I wanted to build on storytelling somehow and add improvisational comedy into the mix. I thought, “How much fun would it be to combine made up stories with my improviser friends playing the characters, adding music and sound effects?” That would create wonderful bedtime stories for children, so unique and ‘in the moment’!

The stories in this book are a collection of stories told by different friends and family. These stories are the foundation for our first six bedtime stories. The stories in this book are just as the storyteller told them to their child, grandchild, niece or nephew by their side. So, if you’d like… you can read these aloud, enjoy them yourself or make up one of your own. No matter what you make up, I promise… that child will love it just because you are telling it.

Many thanks to my friends and family who helped make this happen. Your support, love and encouragement inspire me and keep me pushing forward.

-Leslie Collins